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The trainer guiding you can make a tremendous difference in the depth of experience you will have in  your Core Transformation workshop.  You can check the two lists below to be sure your trainer is either endorsed or licensed to train Core Transformation.

CTTA Endorsed Trainers*: Trainers who are members of the CTTA (Core Transformation Trainers Association) are endorsed to teach Core Transformation. By training with someone from the CTTA, you have the assurance that your trainer has a depth and range of skill to assist you in gaining the maximum benefit from  Core Transformation.  Trainers who are a part of this network have completed extensive training in a range of personal development skills, and have personally worked with the developer of Core Transformation and/or several of the CTTA Mentors. 

To find out more about our certified and endorsed trainers, click here or click on their names below...

Tamara Andreas,
Boulder, Colorado, USA

Marilyn Sargent,
Malibu, California, USA

Lorraine Bourque
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Rachel Hott,
New York, New York, USA

Steven Leeds,
New York, New York, USA

Peter McNab,
Lancashire, England

Kimberlie Chenoweth
Glenwood Springs, Colorado, USA

Hillel Zeitlin
Baltimore, MD

To find a Core Transformation Seminar in your area, visit our Calendar Page.

Japan Core Transformation Association*

We now have a very active Japan Core Transformation Association. Click here for more information and Trainer List.

International List of Licensed Trainers*

Below is a complete international list of Trainers who are Licensed to use the Core Transformation Trainer Materials Packet (English Version). All have access to these detailed and extensive Trainer Materials. These materials are an essential background to offering you a high-quality training. These trainers have not gone through a specific mentorship and review process with us in order to join the CTTA, as have those on the Endorsed Trainer List at the top of this page. (Some live on other continents, making this impractical). However, many (if not most) are highly experienced and effective Trainers, having developed their Trainer skills through other routes. We encourage you to read their bios for more information, and when possible to sample their training to get your own experience of each trainer.


Abderazak Brouziyne
Carrières-sous-Poissy, IDF, France
a_brouzi [at]

Aseema Gjestad Uglefot
Stavanger, Norway
aseema [at]

Anders Ronnau
Copenhagen, Denmark
anders [at]

Andrew Austin
England, United Kingdom
nlp [at]

Dirk W. Eilert
Berlin, Germany
mail [at]

Hanneke van der Voort
Eindhoven, Netherlands
Hanneke0609 [at] gmail [dot] com

Jane Larsen
Copenhagen, Denmark
info [at]

Jenny Thomas
Taunton, Somerset, United Kingdom
jenny [at]

John Stanley
Spiddal, Galway, Ireland
harmonicwave [at]

Kathryn Temple
Lowestoft, Suffolk, United Kingdom
kathtemple [at]

Kevin Dennison
Manchester, United Kingdom
admin [at]

Kevin Donald Sutton
Uphall, West Lothian, United Kingdom
sutton.kd [at]

Károly András Neméth
Budapest, Hungary / Stockholm, Sweden
info [at]

Laura Morar
Bucharest, Romainia
laura21.morar [at]

Maarten Aalberse
Lyon, France
m.aalberse [at]

Madalina Artene
Bucharest, Romania
madalina.artene [at]

Magdalena Marganiec
Warszawa, Poland
rmagola [at]

Martin Vetter
Ballerup, Denmark
deadgiraf [at]

Mary Nugent
Crumlin, Antrim, United Kingdom
maryenugent [at]

Matt Greenshields
London, England
matt [at]

Michal Wawrzyniak
Kalisz, Poland
kontakt [at]

Mikko Matias Kujanpää
Tallinn, Estonia
mikkoku81 [at]

Paul Tracey
Lisburn, Northern Ireland
paul [at]

Sean Corvin
Trowbridge, Wiltshire, United Kingdom
seancorvin [at]

Simone Flückiger
St. Gallen, Switzerland
praxis [at]

Stefan Dziewanowski
Leicester, United Kingdom
stefan_dzie [at]

Taurie Lindstead
Nutley, East Sussex, United Kingdom
info [at]

North America

Adam Marx
Ashland, Oregon, USA
adam [at]

Barb Rutledge
Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada
barb [at]

David Ripper
Weathersfield, Connecticut, USA
davidaripper [at]

Diane Bélanger
Dieppe, New Brunswick, Canada
info [at]

Donald Pelles
Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
don [at]

James Cervelloni
Fairport, New York, USA
jcervell [at]

James Reid
Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
jreidj23 [at]

Jennifer Martin
Seattle, Washington, USA
jmartin2006 [at]

Jeongin Choi
Los Angeles, CA, USA
umjipodo [at]

Kevin Martin
Lowell, Massachusetts, USA
kenda_assoc [at]

Kimi Avary, M.A.
San Francisco, CA, USA
kimi [at]

Lucy Menacho
Québec, Canada
inticoaching [at]

Mark Andreas
Boulder, Colorado, USA
wovenwords [at]

Mattie Giles
Houston, Texas, USA
mhgiles [at]

Michael DeMolina
Anchorage, Alaska, USA
michael [at]

Michael Steadman
Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada
mssteadman [at]

Michael Watson
Orlando, Florida, USA
FLHypno [at]

Miho Lindley
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
energy.healing [at]

Nancy LaForest
Laval, Quebec, Canada
nlaforest [at]

Nicole Koch
New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
info [at]

Ron Watkins
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
ron-watkins [at]

Dr. Sedgwick Heskett
Pelham, Massachusetts, USA
sedgwick [at]

Stephanie Davis
Mount Madonna, CA, USA
stef737 [at]

Teri Dawn Marshall
Berkeley, CA, USA
teridawn [at]

Zaheen Nanji
Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada
znanji [at]

South America

Jucelito Wainer de Souza
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Armand Kruger
Meyerton, Guateng, South Africa
armand [at]

Australia (including New Zealand):

Andrea O'Hagan
Whakatane, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
mikeneye [at]

Blaženka Krasey
Seaford, Victoria, Australia
blazenka [at]

Deline Irwin
Brisbane, New Zealand
deline_irwin [at]

Julia Kurusheva
Browns Bay, Auckland, New Zealand
julia [at]

Lee James Heather
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
leejamesheather [at]

Melody Taylor
New Plymouth, New Zealand
melodyannetaylor [at]
00 64 6 755 4328

Asia (Including India Sub-Continent):

Ang Denny Wijaya
Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
denny_wid [at]

Anne Munro-Kua
Taman Cuepacs, Cheras, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: 03 21697710

Dr. Anil Singhal
anilsinghalam [at]

Harmon Chang
Hsinchu City, Taiwan
harmon_chang [at]

Hyung-Seok (John) Yoon
Tokyo, Minatoku, Japan
johnyoonlaw [at]

Philbert Tan
MindQuantization [at]

Satoshi OGA
Gifu, Japan
office.oga [at]

Shobana Rao
Chandakasem, Jatujak, Bankok, Thailand
shoba50 [at]

Tommy Doo
Happy Valley, Hong Kong, China
info [at]

Toshie Amemiya
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
amemiya [at]

Yukari Tokonami
Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
tokonami [at]

Yutaro Kimura
Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan
kimura [at]

Find a Core Transformation Seminar in your area: Visit our Calendar Page.

DO YOU WANT TO BECOME A CORE TRANSFORMATION TRAINER? To find out how, visit our Trainer Pathway Page. You will learn about our Trainer Materials Packet (available through license agreement) and also about the Pathway to become Endorsed as a member of the CTTA.

*Please note that we offer this information as a public service. All of the above Core Transformation Trainers are independent agents, and are not employees of Connirae Andreas or Tamara Andreas.


Core Transformation International Trainers Association
1221 Left Hand Canyon Dr
Boulder, CO 80302

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