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About the Developer

Core Transformation is profound and life-changing work, and individuals who attend a Core Transformation workshop often come away equipped to become more effective in both their personal and professional lives, and, in general, to function as more positive, resourceful, and contributing members of their communities.

You can be instrumental in bringing this dynamic and profound work to your community by sponsoring a Core Transformation workshop in your area. With the support and assistance of Core Transformation International, you can provide the opportunity for your friends, neighbors, family members, and others to experience this powerful process, and as a result to begin creating the lives they truly want.

Contact Core Transformation International for details on how you can help facilitate transformation in peoplesí lives by sponsoring a Core Transformation workshop.

Imagine your most difficult problems actually having a positive aspect, something through which to learn, grow, and transform. Core Transformation gently guides you in discovering those positive intentions, leading to an experience of understanding, where awareness and change occur naturally. 



Core Transformation International Trainers Association
1221 Left Hand Canyon Dr
Boulder, CO 80302

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