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"Me & My Shadow" 
by Kimberlie Chenoweth


Core Transformation is a powerful tool for awakening to the spirit that lives within each one of us. This process can complement the journey of anyone who seeks to be more in touch with their spiritual nature.

Like the image of David freed by Michelangelo’s vision and his loving hands, our true essence as spiritual beings comes to light as we sculpt through the layers of “shadow stuff” that keep us from fully experiencing the “David” within. Unlike Michelangelo, however, we cannot simply carve away our shadows...

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"Core Transformation—Doorway to Self-Acceptance" 
by Susan Schachterle


The client sitting across from me fought back tears as she struggled to express her goal in working with me. "I just always feel so stupid, so inept and worthless. I think most people who know me would be surprised to hear me say that; I’ve gotten pretty good at hiding it. But there are more and more times...


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"The Core Transformation Story—How the process came to be" 
by Connirae Andreas

The Beginning:
It was a week-long visit to Milton Erickson in 1979, that is probably responsible for beginning my quest to find the Core Transformation process. During the last year of his life, Dr. Erickson...


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